I’m Ghanian and German, for years now i ́ve been trying to figure out
what my identity is and why i know so little about my own culture.
The only thing i knew is which ethnical group I belong to and what
my local name is, my name is Adjetey and I am Ga.
Ten years ago I traveled to Ghana for the first time in my (concious)
life, with my family. Upon arrival, my little brother was suprised to see
cars. The Image that western media had created in his mind was ba-
sed on their limited perception of the global south.
This made me aware of the lack of visual represantation. I want to
create images that can visualise my heritage which mostly roots in
the Ga community. I cant claim to portrait Ghana at large but i want
to encourage people born in diaspora, like me. To visit their second
To say it with a quote by Tyler Mitchell who puts it very clearly.
„I feel an urgency to create a body of images where Black people are
visualized as free, expressive, effortless, and sensitive.“
This Image was Key visual for the F² Fotofestival in Dortmund 2023 and the work was featured in the “Point of…” exhibition at Kulturort Depot Dortmund during the F² Fotofestival.

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Sugarbread – Photobook
Shortlisted for Kassel dummy award 2023

232 Pages

Exhibition view “Point of…” Kulturort Depot

Exhibition view "A heart, the size of a fist"